Roller Coaster

2016-12-23 12:35:35 by niorg2606

The songs, the creativity, the time, it's all coming back.

Yes, new song!

2016-11-06 08:06:01 by niorg2606

I can't actually believe that I managed to make another song today. NightStreet, originally going to be called "Nighttime Howlers" but sounded stupid and too much like the flower from "Zootopia", is a new electronic song. Don't know how good it sounds, so I need your help. Feedback is greatly appreciated and a rate would be just tremendous! Thanks!

I feel great

2016-09-19 14:22:18 by niorg2606

I feel useless, but I feel great about being useless. Confused Much? IDK, but maybe a new song in the near future?

New song incoming!

2015-03-06 16:15:20 by niorg2606

New dubstep coming soon! Here is the app I use: